woman-logo.pngThe Women at Church Unlimited meet fortnightly in various small groups. Choose a day convenient for you and get connected to one of these groups. You will be blessed. The women at Church Unlimited are an active bunch and enjoy thinking of creative ways to raise funds for needy overseas missions. 
Come and be part of the womens groups and feel welcomed, loved and cared, whilst contributing to some worthy causes.

Check the calendar or E-newsletter for further information on upcoming events!


Small Groups for Women (held fortnightly)

Jodi Tolley Ph: 836 1294

Jodi-Tolley.jpgWomen's Ministry Director

Raewyn Nightingale Ph: 838 8183

Raewyn-Nightingale.jpgTuesday - 10.00am
Venue: 7a Spring Grove, Henderson

Tracey Logan Ph: 021 223 6093

'Konnect with Koffee & Kids'
Tues 10.30am
Venue: 203 Henderson Valley Rd,

Gertrude Stark Ph: 813 9432

Tuesday - 11.00am
Venue: 72 Farquhar Rd

Jane Kasupene Ph: 021 835 263

Mums Group
Tuesday 10.30am
Venue: 9a Valdale Road, Henderson

Mala Nesaratnam Ph: 021 139 7376

Women_Thumbnail_Mala.pngPrayer Group
Tuesday - 11.00am - 12.00noon
Location: 305/117 Boundary Road
                 Blockhouse Bay

Donna Hardie Ph. 837 0562

Learning English Group
Thursday - 10.30am
Location: 4a Essex Street, Te Atatu South

Regina Paul Ph. 021 0295 8398

Nations Prayer Group
Please phone for details

June D'Silva Ph. 021 049 7070

Monday 10.30am
Venue: 54 Sunhill, Sunnyvale

Debbie Bryant Ph: 021 030 6695

Debbie-Bryant.jpgConnect Group Coordinator

Sandra Harper Ph: 833 5663

Women_Sandra_1.pngWednesday - 10:00am
Venue: 6 Keegan Drive, Massey


Mavava Malloy Ph: 027 452 2515

Women_Mavava_1.png Prayer Group
 Friday 11:00am - 1:00pm
 Venue: 57 Lavelle Rd, Henderson

Linda Samuel Ph. 021 025 29807

Friday 7.00pm
Venue: 31 View Ridge Drive, Ranui

Jane Swann Ph: 027 4758032

Jane-Swann.jpgMorning Tea Outreach
Wednesday 10:30am
Venue: 6 Dunbarton Drive, Ranui

Sonia Foster Ph: 021 569 504

Women_Thumbnail_Sonia_2017.pngMums Connect Group
Tuesday - 10.30am (Fortnightly)
Location: 65 Mary Dreaver Street
                New Windsor

Lesley McCullough Ph: 838 5711

Wednesday - 10.00am
Location: 125 Forest Hill Road, Henderson

Jodine Williams Ph. 0274249747

Mums Connect Group
Wednesday 7.30pm
12 Kashmir Road, Glen Eden

Lucille Cheek Ph. 8387572

Wednesday 10.00am
Venue: 24a Blacklock Ave, Henderson