Digging Trenches


Look at this astounding miracle from Scripture. In 2 Kings, three kings were going to war against Moab.

Read 2 Kings 3:9-17, 22-24 

These three kings were without water for their armies and animals. God says dig the valley full of ditches, and without rain God miraculously fills the ditches and a great victory is won. We find here keys to receiving miracles and blessing for ourselves.

The key thought in this story is that we have to prepare to receive our blessing and breakthrough. There would be no water without digging ditches first. The Widow in 2 Kings 4 would have had no oil without gathering the vessels first.
Putting faith into action is a biblical principle. Don’t just say, "I have faith."

James 2:20
20 But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead?

Leadership of Holy Spirit

The kings sought out a prophet who said make the valley full of ditches. They must have thought that is was a crazy strategy! At times what the Spirit says to do makes no sense. Naaman's leprosy would have not been healed without dipping 7times in the river. He was first angry, but then obeyed, dug a trench, and saw a great miracle take place.

Never leave out the leadership of the Holy Spirit. You can do all the right things, have a great strategy, plans and skill, and still not succeed, because what was left out was being led by the Holy Spirit. Doing anything else aside from digging ditches would have been a waste of time and resources. 

For example the Holy Spirit has said that if each person prays daily for New Zealand and Beyond 2017, God will do the rest. 
If we expect to receive blessing and miracles we must be prepared to receive what God is about to give. Let's make the whole of this church full of trenches to receive the acceleration of expansion, new era of conquests, more campuses, multitudes being saved, increased attendances and more services. 

Just like a farmer just before harvest time prepares the barns. Or parents expecting a child prepares for it's arrival, getting the room ready, buying clothes etc.

Isaiah 54:2-3

2 “Enlarge the place of your tent,
And let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings;
Do not spare;
Lengthen your cords,
And strengthen your stakes.
3 For you shall expand to the right and to the left,
And your descendants will inherit the nations,
And make the desolate cities inhabited. 

Prepare for the Spirit of God and His blessing to come. Prepare for the prayers you pray to be answered. Don’t pray then do nothing as though blessing will not come. We need to act confident God will do as He has said, and bless mightily. Enlarge the tent first, then God will fill it.

The way of faith and the road to blessing is this, if God has promised it then we get ready for it now, dig trenches today. We need to believe that with God, a promise is as good as the fulfillment. Act as if the promise is already fulfilled! 

What trenches should you dig?

1. Act upon prophetic words and believe for their fulfillment

The first thing the three kings had to do was believe the prophetic word. That's a real challenge. As a church God has ramped up the prophetic and is regularly speaking. Digging a trench is believing the word then putting action to it. For example, one prophetic word recently was that we all have a supernatural vocation. One lady dug a trench by making the effort to attend the Sunday night service, and get anointed with oil. The result was that God filled the trench with water. The next day, Monday, she was offered a job above her qualifications, with a pay-rise. 

2. Fervent, persistent prayer

Ask and ask and ask again. Never stop digging trenches of asking. You have not because you ask not. 
Prayer is like a cloud rising from earth, sure to come back again in rain.

One of the most powerful trenches you will ever dig is fasting. A young man was healed of a damaged tailbone. He had a moment with God that made him real. That required digging a ditch. The church and I assume mum, and others all fasted. In the same meeting after fasting a goiter disappeared, a baby with 7 months severe constipation which doctors could do nothing about was also healed. 

This week Church Unlimited will dig trenches with 3 days prayer and fasting, and on Thursday evening will have a specific section praying for healing. God will fill the trench and people will be healed.

To fulfill your calling as a global minister dig trenches of praying, giving, going.

3. Dig trenches with faith

With all the work we do in making the valley full of ditches, we must do it with confidence and faith. The three kings' ditches were to be dug not because water might come, but because they knew it would come. We know acceleration of expansion will continue to happen, as will this new era of conquest and the Trusts Arena filled with over 5000 people for conference in 2017. So let's dig the trenches and get them ready for amazing blessing. Dig trenches with confidence, since God has spoken He will be certain to fill them.

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