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Church Unlimited Kaitaia

Church Unlimited Kaitāia

Love yourself, love others, love the lost

Through all that is going on, we the church have a great opportunity to do church as we see in the Book of Acts – House Church.

Let us look forward to seeing God open doors in areas we have not seen before as we ‘The Church’ spread out into our communities with a new vision and a new purpose.

I am excited about the endless possibilities of doing church in smaller, localised venues where the love of God and the power of God can flow through all His children in a new way.

We cannot afford to pull up the drawbridges and hide away in our castles; we must embrace this season and with wisdom take on this new challenge with renewed faith.

I encourage everyone where possible to connect with a local House Church.

If you need information about our house church locations, please email using the link below.

Kind regards,
Paul and Sally-Anne Garrett